Abnormal Psychology

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Course Synopsis

Abnormal psychology is, perhaps, the branch of psychology that most non-psychologists are aware of through the media and other channels. If you've seen TV shows involving psychiatrists or 'shrinks', then you've come across abnormal psychology in one form or another.

Abnormal psychology focuses on diagnosing and treating abnormal psychological conditions, such as schizophrenia, addiction, eating disorders, amongst many others. But whatexactly defines someone as being 'abnormal', and how can psychologists recognise abnormality in a patient? And once recognised, how can this abnormality be treated? The course begins by answering these questions, focusing on the various ways in which someone's behaviour and emotions can be said to be 'abnormal' before moving on to outline the major diagnostic methods that modern psychologists employ. It will also introduce the major models through which abnormality can be explained: the biological, psychodynamic, cognitive, and behavioural models. Following this introduction, we will use these models to examine case studies of three specific abnormal conditions – schizophrenia, eating disorders, and addiction – discussing how such conditions are diagnosed, what causes them, and what the most effective treatments are today.

What's Included?

This courses consists of 4 X interactive lectures - audio recordings with accompanying presentation material - each taking approximately 1 hour to complete. Our unique, on-demand, interactive delivery system means that students are able to start instantly and work through material at their own pace. The interactive format ensures that the learning process is engaging and enjoyable, with regular quizzes and exams to enable students to check that they are following the topics covered. This courses is available to start instantly online – once you've chosen the course you want to take, you can get started straight away.

How Does it Work?

The course is broken down into tutorials, which is an interactive presentation accompanied by an audio lecture that takes around 1 hour to complete. Each tutorial is broken down into its major topics, chapters, which are navigated via tabs at the top of the screen. This ensures that course content is broken down into bitesized educational units that are easy to digest, and also means that content is easily navigable at the pace of the student.

Why Take this Course?

This course is ideal preparation for students thinking of studying psychology, medicine, and related subjects at university, exploring a range of academic theory and practical methods in the diagnosis and treatment of psychological conditions.


  • To understand how psychologists diagnose abnormality in a patient
  • To gain awareness of the different models used in the psychology of abnormality
  • To understand the multiple factors that may lead to an abnormal psychological condition


By completing/passing this course, you will attain the certificate ORA Prep Certificate

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Tutorial 1: Defining Abnormality
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Tutorial 1 Exam
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Early Bird Questionnaire
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Tutorial 2: Schizophrenia
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Tutorial 2 Exam
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Tutorial 3: Addiction
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Tutorial 3 Exam
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Tutorial 4: Eating Disorders
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Tutorial 4 Exam
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Final Exam
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End of Course Questionnaire
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Very informative and well structured
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Studying this course worth all the time!
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This was an exceptionally good course!
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Very good and interesting course which has provided me with more knowledge on the subject.
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It is a good experience to learn psychology through this course.
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So easy to use and a quality content!

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